Timico Data Centre
A dedicated IT Infrastructure for your business offers privacy and complete control of your applications and data.

Your IT systems can reside at your company offices or they can be co-located within one of our secure Data Centres. What is important is the underlying platform you build is cost effective to manage, resilient against failure and accessible at all times.

On Premise
If you IT systems are located at your company premises then you must ensure you have a suitable environment for the hardware. This will require air conditioning (particularly for multiple servers) and where possible redundant or separate power feeds.

Today, companies are looking to reduce the cost and remove the constraints of an in-house IT system by moving their server environments out to a Data Centre facility. This provides a number of benefits including; air conditioning, resilient power, a clean environment and multiple network connections.

Private & Secure
Anderson IT Management recognise the desire for privacy and offer a range of co-location services for both On Premise and Co-Located infrastructures.

We design systems using Virtual Software Technology on dedicated hardware for your business, with reliable protection for your data and complete Disaster Recovery capability.