Virtual Server Computing is a modern way to build an IT Infrastructure

The need to have multiple servers to support the range of applications you need, is a reality for many businesses. However these are expensive to manage and maintain, and are inheritantly difficult to protect.

Reduced costs and downtime
If a physical server breaks down, you need a back-up option in place, but a virtual server is easily and quickly recovered. Virtual computing not only improves power and energy efficiency but also reduces the risk of downtime to your business.

Even if you are a small business with only one server, making that a virtual server can offer you significant benefits.

Significant savings
When one of our clients was moving to a new office location, they were faced with the challenge of moving to smaller premises with a considerably reduced IT budget.

Converting their physical servers over to a virtualised solution addressed both of these challenges and the results were significant. A reduction in physical servers from 30 down to 3, a reduction in maintenance and running costs by over 30% per year and vastly improved level of security and resilience.
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